Kellogg Zaher Soccer Complex

Kellogg Zaher Soccer Complex in the Las Vegas area is a premier sports complex offering the best soccer and other recreational activities. It was built in 1991 in honor of the late Las Vegas Mayor, Oscar B. Kellogg, and is named after him. It started catering to the public for soccer and other sports by offering seven grass fields in the complex.

The fields were designed to accommodate a variety of purposes, such as youth, adult, and senior leagues, inter-club tournaments, special events, and camps. It was also used for high school and college tournaments.

The complex is located near the Las Vegas Strip, making it easily accessible for visitors. Its popularity has steadily grown over the years due to its ideal location and the quality of sports offered. The seven grass fields have been renovated multiple times to ensure maximum safety and performance standards for all players.


Soccer Complex offers a broad range of amenities, including:

A Full-Service Concession Stand

It has a full-service concession stand, allowing players and spectators to purchase snacks and drinks during their game. These include hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, and bottled water.

Pro Shop

Kellogg Zaher Soccer Complex has a Pro Shop, which offers all kinds of soccer gear, such as cleats, jerseys, shorts, socks, balls, and more. The shop also provides repair services such as restringing nets and replacing cleat studs.

Locker Rooms

The complex also has a locker room facility, which allows players to change into their soccer-specific clothing before and after the game. The locker rooms are equipped with showers and changing areas for player comfort.

Courtside Seating

Spectators can watch the games from the courtside seating at each complex field. This provides comfortable chairs for Spectators and makes it easier for parents to watch out for their children during the game.


The Soccer Complex also has an electronic scoreboard that allows athletes to track their progress in real-time. This feature is especially useful for larger tournaments or matches.

Lighting Systems

To ensure the safety of all players, the complex has several lighting systems installed on each field. This ensures that games can be played late into the night if necessary.

Parking Facilities

Kellogg Zaher Soccer Complex offers ample parking facilities for players and spectators. Players can park in designated areas or take advantage of the complimentary shuttle service provided by the complex’s operator.

Coaching Clinic & Classes

This sports complex offers clinics and classes for children aged 3-18 who want to learn about soccer or improve their skills. Coaches from all over come to the complex to teach these classes.

Kellogg Zaher Soccer Complex: A Premier Las Vegas Venue For All Things Soccer

Kellogg Zaher Soccer Complex offers many amenities and services for athletes and sports enthusiasts. It provides an excellent atmosphere for soccer players and spectators to enjoy the game in a safe, comfortable environment. Whether you’re looking for recreational activities or professional match play, Kellogg Zaher Soccer Complex has something for everyone!