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Are you planning to buy or sell a property? There is so much to consider, and it is more than just the building’s surface. Where do you start? You start with Home Inspections Summerlin South.

How Can We Help

Home Inspections of Las Vegas has professional and licensed inspectors available to help with different property inspections.

General Home Inspections

Whether you plan to buy or sell a house having a general home inspection pays for itself in the end. Our inspectors will go through every part of the property, from the exterior to the interior. They will inspect the plumbing, heating, insulation, roof to the cooling system. You receive a detailed inspection report providing you with educated guesses for things you can improve as a home seller or problems you need to consider as a buyer.

Commercial Property Inspections

A commercial property inspection is no different from a home one. With Home Inspections of Las Vegas in the Summerlin South, an assessment becomes useful. The fact is no property is perfect, and there is always the need for improvement. Whether you buy, sell, a tenant or a leasing agent helps to know what you’re buying or selling. With our help, you can meet all the protocols and standards before settling on a price.

New Construction Inspections

We all know how exciting it is when you build a new home or commercial building. That is why you need to contact Home Inspections of Las Vegas to inspect the new construction before moving in. So do not get lulled into a trap and get honest advice from experts when spending your hard-earned capital. We can help you with the codes, permits, safety precautions, and investigation to keep an eye on your new building project.


When it comes to life, a building never remains pristine forever. Infrastructures need maintenance and repairs, and the same applies to a re-inspection. With the service offered by Home Inspections of Las Vegas, you get loads of purposes.

  • It can certify that a specific service is met sufficiently.
  • It helps address problems with the building to make sure everything is in excellent shape.
  • Property owners can feel assured that everything is safe with a re-inspection before making a call on a property, whether buying or selling.

Mold Testing

Do you really need a professional to have mold testing done? If you have no visible mold present, then you do not need testing done. However, this does not mean you need to skip the inspection. With us, our experts can do an assessment of any space to prevent mold from happening. If mold is present, Home Inspections Summerlin South can help with removal as well.

As with any check-up, a mold inspection is done with a general review before turning to more specialized ways. A public inspection is a visual non-invasive approach. Sometimes, you need a special touch that goes a bit deeper. We can provide you with testing, repairs, and installations to address the situation.

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Homes Inspections of Las Vegas can help with any form of property inspection you plan to buy or sell. Our inspection reports are thorough without any mistakes or taking shortcuts. Call us to have your home or business inspected today.