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When buying or selling a property, there is a lot, you need to consider. The fact is it is more than just the surface of the building. So, where do you start deciding if the property is made for you to buy or sell? You begin right here with Home Inspections of Las Vegas.

How Can Home Inspections Help?

Home Inspections Spring Valleyprovides you with licensed and professional inspectors to assess different properties before buying or selling.

Commercial Property Inspections

Do you want to buy or sell your commercial property? Home Inspections of Las Vegas can help make sure your building is in tip-top condition. With our assessment, you know your assets have no faults before listing them. Alternatively, suppose you plan to buy one. In that case, an inspection can determine what you are getting yourself into to make an informative decision. We will help you with all the standards and protocols related to retail, industrial, medical facilities, and more.

Home Inspections

With a home inspection, our experienced inspectors go through every part of the home. For example, we inspect the interior to the exterior to ensure that you can repair the needed things before listing. Alternatively, we can help new homebuyers with a comprehensive inspection report of unforeseen problems before buying. Doing this enables you to decide whether the property you buy will not cost you more on repairs in the end.


You must agree no pre-owned building remains unspoiled forever. Every property needs repairs and maintenance done. Home Inspections Spring Valley can provide you with these services:

  • With an inspection, you can address concerns to make sure your property is in tip-top shape.
  • An inspection can help certify that a specific service when it comes to repairs is done sufficiently.
  • You can feel assured that it is safe for the next person to move in/out when you buy or sell a property.

Mold Testing

Have mold testing done by the best mold inspectors in Las Vegas. Home Inspections Spring Valley does not only do testing but can help with the repairs. An assessment, whether you have mold or not, can help with the prevention. Our inspectors provide you with a general review and can use specialized techniques if needed. So have your place checked out for mold today to address the problem before it costs millions.

New Construction Inspections

Are you busy building a new home or planning to build a retail center? Let us help you with a further construction inspection from the codes, permits to safety precautions you need to take. We will be there with you all the way with your building project to make sure it is safe.

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No matter what property you have, from commercial to residential, Home Inspections of Las Vegas can help. With detailed reports received the same day, you know if your building needs added maintenance or repairs. If you are buying a new property, we can help access it to make sure you are purchasing a worthy investment for your future. Complete the online form or contact us. We are waiting on your call to help.